Friday, May 8, 2015

100 Rumors for The Force Awakens

SPOILERS but not entirely sure any of this is real...
DON'T READ if you don't want to hear any potential spoilers... and some sorta confirmed stuff.
Since we know very little about this new movie, SPOILERS and rumors become one and the same. This list is simply a collection of rumors that I've seen or heard. We'll see if any of these are accurate. Some don't really even seem to make sense, but here we go. 

1) Han Solo is killed - I think this is coming from the fact that Harrison Ford wanted to kill off Han in the Original Trilogy.

2) Chewbacca gets a prosthetic arm. Not making this stuff up. - was shot, but not off.
3) Luke is killed. And becomes a force ghost.
4) Anthony Daniels is done with Star Wars.  What does this mean for 3PO?
5) Rey is Luke's daughter
6) Rey is Han's daughter
7) Luke has a son and it's Domhnall Gleeson's character - going to call this as FALSE
8) Domhnall Gleeson plays "The General" and is not a "good guy"
9) Adam Driver's character is Han's son - I know... Kylo Ren... but Anakin Skywalker doesn't use his real name as Vader either.
10) Han Solo killed Kylo Ren's father
11) Max Von Sydow plays an old Kanan Jarrus. The resemblance in some pics I've seen is pretty remarkable
12) Assaj Ventress makes an appearance.
13) There is a Mara Jade- like character ... but it's not Mara Jade
14) Sith Witches - will there or won't there be more than one (or two) villains?
15) Jar Jar's bones will be shown in the movie - not so much a spoiler as a statement from Abrams?
16) Luke is in hiding and won't be seen for much of the movie
17) Luke has gone mad and the move will be a 'Search for Luke' sort of movie - at least Half True
18) Luke destroyed Tatooine and can't control himself
19) Luke's lightsaber (and/or hand) from Empire Strikes Back will be a major plot point
20) The Millenium Falcon gets blown up - rumor which i pray is false
21) Andy Serkis plays multiple alien creatures - not sure... he definitely plays one, but that was obvi
22) One of those characters played by Serkis will be the embodiment of the force. - What is Snoke???
23) Luke is a 'bad guy' - preposterous... or is it?
24) The Chrome Trooper is Capt. Phasma - can that name be a rumor... please?
25) Lupita Nyong'o is playing a CG character (sorta confirmed) that has the lightsaber
26) A relative of Grand Moff Tarkin is in the movie
27) Ezra Bridger is Kylo Ren - both have black hair so why not?
28) Luke kills Han - perhaps his force awakened too early on a Monday.
29) Han kills Luke - Luke allows it ala Obi Wan
30) There is a cyborg villain in this movie - could be someone we've seen becomes the cyborg
31) Max Von Sydow is a cyborg but not the main villain
32) Sydow is crazy, but is lucid enough to recognize Luke's lightsaber
33) Luke is the evil cyborg
34) Luke uses the costume of a cyborg to move around unnoticed in the galaxy
35) Mandalorian(s) will be in the movie - fan yank? but it will probably happen
36) Rey and Poe have a 'thing' - romance in Star Wars good or bad?
37) Chrome Trooper (Capt. Phasma) can cloak herself - as in invisible?
38) Finn and Poe end up in 'the brig' together. - sort of true... Finn was in for a reckoning at least.
39) Finn and Poe steal a Tie Fighter
40) Max Von Sydow's character has ties to the Clone Wars - assuming this means a connection to the cartoon
41) Some bad guys in the movie are called 'Jedi Hunters'
42) Martial artists have been secretly cast - calling this one true as there were some stunts
43) Daniel Craig playing a stormtrooper? - this may have been ruled out already, but I don't know?
44) There are flamethrower troopers now?
45) There is an "evil castle" that plays a part - how is the castle evil exactly?
46) Who is "Fat Cat" - besides a name on a rumor list - Grummgar???
47) Princess Leia is a "Queen" in this movie... her planet was blown up... so... hmmm
48) Qui Gon has a voice in this movie
49) Adam Driver's character has a melted Vader helmet
50) Capt. Phasma has a lightsaber?
51) The new X-wings use BB droids - apparently they CAN.....
52) X-wings back on Yavin?
53) Han and Leia are not together
54) Han and Leia haven't seen each other in awhile, but are married
55) Leia is still a leader of the "Rebels" - All 3 are technically TRUE
56) The "Rebels" have what is referred to as a "Sledgehammer" weapon
57) This Star Wars will have flashbacks 
58) Rey and Kylo were students of Luke's  -  I think this is probably true to an extent... but hmmm
59) A Jedi Academy is seen in a flashback
60) Almost all of the students at the academy are killed in some sort of accident - not really an accident I think...
61) A "catapault" weapon at the "evil castle" is a big part of the movie
62) At some point Rey and Finn are piloting the Falcon
63) The character Lupita Nyong'o is playing is named Rose (now Maz Kanata appears to be most recent)
64) The character Max Von Sydow is playing is nicknamed "The Vicar"
65) Lupita Nyong'o is a Yoda-like character and uses the force -- ???  - gotta call this false for now
66) Finn turns away from being a stormtrooper when his good friend is killed
67) Maisie Richardson-Sellers is playing Korr Sella
68) Maisie Richardson-Sellers is "The Emissary"
69) "The Emissary" is working for Leia on a secret mission
70) There is a Hutt Council in this movie - sorta like the Clone Wars episode
71) Kylo Ren is hunting the lightsaber - not necessarily, but true enough
72) Kylo Ren finds Luke guarding something (a tomb?)
73) Pirates in Star Wars?  - wouldn't be the first time if you still count EU or Clone Wars
74) Referred to as "The Seven" are 6 pirates and a leader - Knights of Ren I'm guessing, but not called "The Seven" as far as I know.
75) Finn uses a lightsaber at some point -- a Stormtrooper with saber skills... probably can't shoot straight.
76) Weequay and Rodian Stormtroopers - oh my!
77) Female Stormtroopers also - finally
78) Capt. Phasma, once beautiful is now physically scarred and evil
79) Leia is not a politician, but a martyr, a symbol being protected
80) Rey and Ren are brother and sister and have a big fight scene - Big fight yes... other part ???
81) Rey and Ren are actually code names for Jacen and Jaina Solo - some are still clinging to the EU
82) Rey has avoided the force, while Ren is obsessed with it
83) Finn Calrissian?
84) "The Vicar" has been watching Rey at Han's request (suggesting that she's his daughter)
85) Death Star III - it's been said... again, I'm not making this stuff up
86) "Hall of Mirrors" is a location. - sounds interesting
87) Han and Chewie will be piloting a Star Destroyer (or Super Star Destoyer)
88) Chewbacca pulls an arm off ... this I gotta see  - apparently this was cut... BOOOOO
89) Chewbacca is referred to as a "Rug"
90) Vader will be back as a force ghost - or at least his voice?
91) Vader will be seen in a flashback sequence
92) Han gets to use a lightsaber again - this I gotta see 2
93) Mon Calamari (see Adm. Ackbar) are in the movie front and center
94) We'll see a Chiss onscreen - another fan yank.. but would be cool
95) We'll see a Bothan (FINALLY) onscreen
96) WWE wrestler Sheamus is playing Darth Vader in the movie - totally debunked by Sheamus... but was that just to throw us off?
97) Carrie Fisher's daughter is in this? - would support the flashback talk - not in a flashback though
98) Ian McDiarmid is in this film - flashback?  or other character?
99) The Sith will be fully resurrected in Episode VIII
100) A new core of Jedi will destroy them in Episode IX

I would imagine that Warwick Davis finds his way into a background role as well, but who knows???
We'll see how many point we hit on?  We threw enough darts that it's inevitable we hit something.