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100 MORE Short Star Wars Quotes about Life

More quotes:
Use them for motivation, encouragement, apologies, etc.  Some of them are questions... some are commands... and others are very Zen in the way you could take their meaning.  Out of context, many of these are very applicable to situations and society in general.
(Can you match these to the character or movie?  These might be a little tougher than the first 100)

1) "Use my knowledge, I beg you."
2) "Might I suggest that you.................. it can wait."
3) "I feel the conflict within you.  Let go of your hate."
4) "Laugh it up fuzzball!"
5) "Shut him up or shut him down."
6) "Are you sure?"     "Absolutely."
7) "Stay on target!"
8) "Don't get excited."
9) "Watch your mouth kid, or you'll find yourself floating home."
10) "You watch your language."
11) "I don't know who you are or where you come from, but from now on, you'll do as I tell you, okay?"
12) "You do have your moments.  Not many of them, but you do have them."
13) "He certainly has courage."     "Yeah, but what good will it do us if he gets himself killed?"
14) "You don't have to do this to impress me."
15) "You'll find I'm full of surprises!"
16) "What's wrong?"     "Nothing, I'm all right."
17) "I will do what I must."
18) "I promise to return and finish what I've begun.  You have my word."
19) "I have a promise to keep... to an old friend."
20) "Scoundrel? ...Scoundrel.  I like that."
21) "Why don't you take a look around.  You know what's about to happen, what they're up against."
22) "I'm surprised you had the courage to take the responsibility yourself."
23) "Sorry about the mess."
24) "All his life has he looked the future, to the horizon.  Never his mind on where he was...what he was doing."
25) "No reward is worth this."
26) "He is as clumsy as he is stupid."
27) "We seem to be made to suffer.  It's our lot in life."
28) "Reckless is he. Now matters are worse."
29) "I have been arrogant and I apologize."
30) "So uncivilized..."
31) "I sense a great deal of confusion in you."
32) "He was deceived by a lie.  We all were."
33) "What're you lookin' at?  I know what I'm doing."
34) "That's impossible, even for a computer."
35) "Your friend is quite a mercenary.  I wonder if he really cares about anything... or anyone."
36) "This is all your fault"
37) "What an incredible smell you've discovered."
38) "Sometimes I just don't understand human behavior."
39) "Oh, you make it so difficult sometimes."
40) "I cannot teach him.  The boy has no patience."
41) "Always with you it cannot be done."
42) "You want the impossible."
43) "I had no choice."
44) "I've done all I can.  I'm sorry I couldn't do better, but I have my own problems."
45) "It's not my fault."
46) "How are we doing?"     "The same as always."     "That bad, huh?"
47) "He has too much of his father in him.  That's what I'm afraid of."
48) "No, I don't think he likes you.  No, I don't like you either."
49) "Don't everyone thank me at once."
50) "We're doomed."
51) "I happen to like nice men."
52) "I'm so very proud of you."
53) "Careful you must be when sensing the future."
54) "If what you have told me is true, you will have gained my trust."
55) "I told you I'd make it someday."
56) "You know, sometimes I even amaze myself."
57) "I can't believe he's gone."     "There wasn't anything you could have done."
58) "You're braver than I thought."
59) "He's quite clever, you know... for a human being."
60) "Everything's going to be fine.  Trust me."
61) "It's the only way you can save your friends... your thoughts betray you.  Your feelings for them are strong."
62) "Don't do this... don't shut me out.  Let me help you."
63) "They're my friends.  I've got to help them."
64) "Now don't you forget this.  Why I should stick my neck out for you is far beyond my capacity."
65) "Train yourself to let go of everything that you fear to lose."
66) "You must unlearn what you have learned."
67) "Control, control... you must learn control."
68) "You will find that it is you who are mistaken... about a great many things."
69) "You're far too trusting."
70) "It's been my experience that Senators are only focused on pleasing those who fund their campaigns... and they are more than willing to forget the niceties of democracy to get those funds."
71) "We must continue to rely on negotiation."
72) "I won't be a pawn in your political game."
73) "If you're not with me, you're my enemy."
74) "No time to discuss this in a committee."
75) "They don't trust you.  They see your future.  They know your power will be too strong to control."
76) "My men are working as fast as they can."     "Perhaps I can find new ways to motivate them."
77) "Evacuate?  In our moment of triumph?  I think you overestimate their chances."
78) "This will be a day long remembered."
79) "I'm out of it for a little while, everybody gets delusions of grandeur."
80) "Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design."
81) "Still hanging around with this loser?"
82) "I beg your pardon... what do you mean I'm naked?"
83) "You've got to come back.  You wouldn't want my life to get boring, would you?"
84) "Nobody knows where he is."     "What do you mean 'nobody knows'?"
85) "I will quickly discover the truth of all this."
86) "The biggest problem in the universe is no one helps each other."
87) "I should be mindful of the future... but not at the expense of the moment."
88) "Greed can be a powerful ally... if it's used properly."
89) "You should be proud of your son.  He gives without any thought of reward."
90) "Whenever you gamble, my friend, eventually you'll lose."
91) "Our meeting was no coincidence."
92) "Nothing happens by accident."
93) "This path has been placed for you.  The choice to take it is yours alone."
94) "You can't stop change any more than you can stop the suns from setting."
95) "Sometimes we have to let go of our pride and do what is requested of us."
96) "Good is a point of view."
97) "If one is to understand the great mystery... one must study all its aspects, not just the dogmatic, narrow view."
98) "If money is all that you love, then that's what you'll receive."
99) "Save your strength.  There'll be another time."
100) "It's against my programming to impersonate a deity.

Check out the previous 100 here.

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100 Star Wars Twitter Accounts

Twitter is a great source of news and entertainment. 

Some of the big names don't do Twitter *or at least I haven't found them; (Harrison Ford, Natalie Portman, George Lucas, etc ...) and some of the people who were and will be instrumental in bringing us Star Wars don't do Twitter either; (Ben Burtt, Rob Coleman, Michael Arndt…).  So, I've put together a pretty good list of those that are active so you can see what's going on in their world and in the Star Wars world. 

I've got actors, artists, writers, voice actors, highly active fans, highly connected employees, nerdy news sites, and even some fun/odd/parody characters.  Follow the ones you like.                      
1) Anthony Daniels --(@ADaniels3PO)
2) Billy Dee Williams --(@realbdw)
3) Carrie Fisher --(@CarrieFFisher)
4) Ewan McGregor --(@mcgregor_ewan)

5) Liam Neeson --(@liamneeson)
6) Mark Hamill --(@HamillHimself)
7) Peter Mayhew --(@TheWookieeRoars)
8) Samuel L Jackson --(@SamuelLJackson)
9) Warwick Davis --(@WarwickADavis)
10) Ahmed Best --(@ahmedbest)
11) Bonnie Piesse --(@bonniepiesse)
12) Brian Blessed --(@brianblessed)
13) Daniel Logan --(@Daniel_Logan)
14) Jay Laga'aia --(@JayLagaaia)
15) Temuera Morrison --(@Tem_Morrison)
Voice Actors
16) Ashley Eckstein --(@HerUniverse)
17) Catherine Taber --(@cattaber)
18) Dee Bradley Baker --(@deebradleybaker)
19) Matt Lanter --(@MattLanter)
20) James Arnold Taylor --(@JATactor)
21) George Takei --(@GeorgeTakei) - Lok Durd
22) Jon Favreau --(@Jon_Favreau) - Pre Vizla
23) Katee Sackhoff --(@kateesackhoff) - Bo-Katan
24) Sam Witwer --(@SamWitwer) - Darth Maul / Starkiller
25) Seth Green --(@sethgreen) - TODO 360 - Robot Chicken - Detours?
26) Simon Pegg --(@simonpegg) - Dengar
Insiders / Employees / Former employees
27) Star Wars --(@starwars)
28) Star Wars Books --(@DelReyStarWars)
29) Star Wars Celebration --(@SW_Celebration)
30) star wars insider --(@SW_Insider)
31) bad robot --(@bad_robot)          JJ Abrams Company
32) Dave Filoni --(@dave_filoni)
33) Grant Imahara --(@grantimahara)
34) ILM Visual Effects --(@ILMVFX)
35) Kennedy/Marshall Co. --(@Kenedy/Marshall)    Kathleen Kennedy
36) Kyle Newman --(@kyle_newman)
37) Matthew Wood --(@matthewood)
38) Nick Gillard --(@TheNickGillard)
39) Phil Tippett --(@PhilTippett)
40) Walt Disney --(@Disney)
41) Walt Disney Pictures --(@DisneyPictures)
42) Abel G Pena --(@ThePhilodoxer)
43) Amy Ratcliffe --(@amy_geek)    writer,
44) Bonnie Burton --(@bonniegrrl)
45) Dan Madsen --(@THEDanMadsen)          Original Fan Club Founder
46) Jennifer Heddle --(@jenheddle)               Editor Lucasfilm/LucasBooks
47) Kevin Smith --(@ThatKevinSmith)
48) Leland Chee --(@HolocronKeeper)          Holocron Keeper…
49) Mary Franklin --(@MaryLFL)       Sr. Events Lead Lucasfilm
50) Pablo Hidalgo --(@infinata)
51) Steve Sansweet --(@SteveSansweet)    former director of Fan Relations
52) Tracy Cannobbio --(@Tcann13)  Lucasfilm Publicist
53) Brian Wood --(@brianwood)
54) Dave Dorman --(@DaveDorman)
55) J.W. Rinzler --(@jwrinzler)
56) John Jackson Miller --(@jjmfaraway)
57) Katie Cook --(@katiecandraw)
58) Matt Busch --(@Matt_Busch)
59) Michael A. Stackpole --(@MikeStackpole)
60) Randy Martinez --(@Randy_Martinez)
61) Randy Stradley --(@Randy_Stradley)      VP publishing Dark Horse
62) Tom Hodges --(@hodgesart)
63) Dark Horse Comics --(@DarkHorseComics)
Fans in the know / other
64) 501st Legion --(@501stLegion)
65) Adam Pawlus --(@adam16bit)
66) Dan Curto --(@dancurto)
67) Dustin Roberts --(@dustinroberts)
68) Gus Lopez --(@toysrgus)
69) Jay Shepard --(@JovialJay)
70) MC Chris --(@_mcchris)         **       Fette's Vette of course
71) Frank D'iorio --(@DioramaWorkshop)
72) Galactic Binder --(@galacticbinder)
73) Galactic Hunter --(@GalacticHunter)
74) Hasbro --(@HasbroNews)
75) Rancho Obi-Wan --(@RanchoObiWan)
76) Rebel Force Radio --(@RebelForceRadio)
77) Rebelscum --(@rebelscumnews)
78) Yakface --(@yak_face)
79) Star Wars Art --(@StarWarsArt)
80) Star Wars Events --(@StarWarsEvents)
81) Star Wars in the Class --(@StarWarsinClass)
82) Star Wars Uncut --(@starwarsuncut)
83) Star Wars Watch --(@StarWarswatch)
84) The Force .NET --(@theforcenet)
85) The ForceCast --(@forcecast)
Characters/Parody accounts
86) Admiral Ackbar --(@_Admiral_Ackbar)
87) Darth Vader --(@darthvader)
88) Death Star PR --(@deathstarpr)
89) Depressed Darth --(@DepressedDarth)
90) Han Solo --(@hansolo)
91) Jedi PR --(@JediOrderPR)
92) Mara Jade --(@theMaraJade)
93) Star Wars Joke-A-Day --(@StarWarsJokes)
94) Verified Darth --(@sithsarcasm)
95) Yoda --(@yoda)
Not entirely Star Wars, but deliver a lot of timely news in the geek world
96) Big Shiny Robot --(@BigShinyRobot)
97) io9 --(@io9)
98) MTV geek --(@MTVGeek)
99) Nerdist News --(@NerdistNews)
100) San Diego Comic Con --(@Comic_Con)
I know there are others... if I'm missing some, please add them in the comments.  I'll add actors or insiders to the list if they are active and/or "real".

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100 Star Wars Web Sites That All Fans Should Check Out

This was quite an undertaking.  This list is not all-inclusive... there are plenty more that are not on this list.  I'm not going to claim that these are the BEST 100, nor am I going to say that this list serves every area of the Star Wars fandom evenly.  These are simply a list of 100 sites that I found fascinating.  Some of these I go to every day.  Others I didn't know anything about until I started looking.  There were tons of others that I saw on other lists that don't exist anymore or are not updated anymore.  I starred *** a few that I really like; just personal preference.

Check them out, and if you have others that are great (or you think they're better than the ones I posted) post your favorite in the comments section.

The Movie Site
2) - Kids activities on the main site

Several of the actors have their own sites... this is just a couple
3) also and (did I mention that I'm a wookiee fan?)
4) - Wicket :)

A few Wookieepedia sites of interest
5) - Anything you want to know about Star Wars ***

Some more Informational sites
9) - Action figure reviews
10) - QandA on toys mostly
11) - Internet Movie Database: Search 'Star Wars' for tons of info
12) - Legendary photo archive of action figures (did I mention I like toys?) ***
13) - Star Wars image repository
14) - Star Wars cards archive
15) - Timeline for all written material ***

Collector sites
18) - The Star Wars Collector's Bible (Must See)
19) - Gus Lopez' Star Wars Site (Star Wars Collector's Archive)

Art Sites
20) - Star Wars art by Tsuneo Sanda
22) - Star Wars Artists' Guild
23) - you better know who this is!  Also: - Ralph and others display/sell their work.

Star Wars Podcasts
24) - check out their galaxy of music podcasts... (Christmas!!)
28) - (Star Wars in Character... character podcasts)
29) - radio station... (not all Star Wars, but has great potential)

Star Wars Customizing
30) archive at - Incredible custom dioramas for action figures... did I say incredible?
31) - Incredible ... just look
32) - check out his custom stickers and backgrounds
33) - OLD site... but great custom info
34) - Unbelievable work.  So good, you need to check out his tumblr ( and his flickr pages (

Gaming sites
35) - RPGs... (I'm not a gamer, but I appreciate them)
36) - Star Wars Simulator... not sure how to describe
37) - Star Wars: The Old Republic MMORPG... sweet
38) - Star Wars role play and discussion board

Fan Organizations and Costuming
39) - Worldwide charity and costuming Imperial group
40) - Astromech builders club
41) - Mandalorian Mercs (charity and costuming)
42) - The "good guys" costuming group
43) - (some links don't work, but good info on costumes)
44) - Boba Fett costuming and community

Commercial Sites
45) - Entertainment Earth's Star Wars Shop
46) - Toy seller (and buyer)
47) - CN media and games
48) - Dark Horse Comics
49) - Hasbro... toys
50) - Ashley Eckstein (Ahsoka Tano) fangirl shop
51) - UK costume shop with an American link
52) - also including ... but that link may not be around long
53) - Autographed pictures
54) - Lego sets, vids, games, etc.
55) - If you've never been to think geek, do yourself a favor
56) & - look for star wars stuff... Lots of cool stuff out there to buy

Specialized Fan sites
57) - Site dedicated to the Droids and Ewoks cartoons of the '80s
58) - Disney and Star Tours
59) - Fan films
60) - Fan photo novels (don't know what a photo novel is?  check)
61) - The infamous Star Wars Holiday Special (info and media)
62) - Star Wars script site
63) - Star Wars comedy webstrip... with action figures
64) - Comedy site
65) - Comedy site
66) - there are a lot of fan clubs for different characters

International Star Wars sites
67) - Non English Fan Site list
68) - New Zealand fan site
69) - UK fan site
70) - Australian fan site
71) - Belgian group - Check out the Prop Makers AWESOME!

Assorted Fan Sites
73) - Female Star Wars site
76) - Expanded Universe site
78) - Categorized bits of everything with tons of links to everything else
80) ***
87) - Ohio Star Wars Collector's Club ... with links to other area collector clubs
88) - All things R2-D2
89) ***
92) ***
94) - - same link
95) ***
97) - Steve Sansweet's massive collection that I will visit one day!!

Social Media - All your favorite characters, actors, fan sites, artists, etc. have pages... look them up.  This might be a good blog for another day..................
100) &

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

100 MORE Characters Introduced in The Clone Wars

In honor of The Clone Wars ending their impressive run on Cartoon Network, I'm posting ANOTHER 100 Characters that they introduced to the Star Wars galaxy.  I didn't honestly think I'd be able to get another 100... but I did.  And they are not just background fodder either.
* I actually met Dave Filoni, just walking around talking to people at CV.  AND I met James Arnold Taylor and Tom Kane who came outside to talk to fans that were waiting in line ALL NIGHT to see George Lucas at Celebration V.  That's the kind of people that were working on this show.


1) Huyang
2) Petro
3) Byph
4) Katooni
5) Ganodi
6) Zatt
7) Gungi
8) Gamorrean Clown :)
9) Axe
10) Hawk
11) Slammer
12) Kickback
13) Commander Fil
14) Tucker
15) Swoop
16) Arok the Hutt
17) Marlo the Hutt
18) Oruba the Hutt
19) Mama the Hutt
20) Derrown
21) Twazzi
22) Kiera Swan
23) Jakoli
24) Sixtat
25) Sinrich
26) Onca
27) C-21 Highsinger
28) Latts Razzi
29) Assaj Ventress (Bounty Hunter disguise)
30) Young Boba (Alt. Bounty Hunter disguise)
31) Almec
32) Gwarm
33) Turk Falso
34) Zirton Moj
35) Bo-Katan
36) Lom Pyke
37) Commander Thorn
38) Jester
39) Jet
40) Broadside
41) Chopper
42) Slick
43) Feral
44) Mantu
45) Nix Card
46) Tagoo
47) Nossor Ri
48) Commander Monnk
49) Korkie Kryze
50) Mandolorian Super Commando
51) Father
52) Son
53) Daughter
54) SN-D1
55) WAC-47
56) QT-KT
57) M5-BZ
58) U9-C4
59) Col. Meebur Gascon
60) Gregor
61) Morley
62) Junkers
63) Steela Gerrera
64) Saw Gerrera
65) Casiss
66) Fong Do
67) Umbaran Militia
68) Coruscant Police Droid
69) PLNK Droids
70) Orphne
71) Sanjay Rash
72) Ramsis Dendup
73) Krismo Sodi
74) Kage Warriors
75) Oked
76) Borkus
77) Rang Thang
78) Tee Va
79) Stone
80) Spark
81) Draa
82) O'Niner
83) Hound & Grizzer
84) Blackout
85) Capt. Silver
86) Knox
87) Ione Marcy
88) Russo-ISC
89) Tour Guide Droid
90) General Kalani
91) EV-A4-D
92) Matchstick
93) Preigo
94) Darts D'Nar
95) "Keeper" Arguss
96) Old Daka
97) Dr. Gubacher
98) Thongla Jur
99) Ahsoka (Fugitive cloak)
100) Jedi Temple Guard

All I can say is... AMAZING...

Friday, March 8, 2013

100 things to think about for the new Star Wars Sequel Trilogy (Ep.VII-IX)

I'm going to name the Sequel Trilogy right now: 
Star Wars Ep. VII:  The Burden of Peace Episode 7
Star Wars Ep. VIII: Awakening Monsters of Myth Episode 8
Star Wars Ep. IX: Echoes of the Force Episode 9
What do you think?

Anyway... here are 50 Do's and 50 Don'ts for the new trilogy.
They match up to a degree with what I would like to see and what I think they should do.  This is not necessarily what is best for the masses or what is best for the saga in general.  I can't wait for the Star Wars madness to start again!!!!

1) DON'T MESS UP CONTINUITY!!!  I can't stress this one enough. It would be numbers 1 through 100 on my list if I knew that it would make a difference.  Tweaks and retcons to the Star Wars universe are okay... but there are some major things that must not be overwritten.  Han and Leia have 3 kids, one dies, one goes dark. Luke marries Mara and they have Ben.  All three main characters live well into the future after ROTJ.  Mess up some of this stuff and you throw out a lot of hard work by many credible authors, and whether you like the EU or not, I can't imagine WHY you would start completely over when you have a whole universe of possibilities to work from.
2) DO look to the EU for inspiration.  Anyone that has read much of the EU can pull something they really like out of one of the books, comics, or television shows.  Maybe it was a simple plot line, or a villain, or a sequence that really blew you away, but there is a lot of stuff out there.  (are you an Assaj Ventress fan?  Quinlan Vos? Did you watch "Landing at Point Rain"? Do you want to see more Sith?  Ask me and I'll tell you what you should read or see if you have a specific interest.)
3) DO be careful with the use of EU characters.  Yeah, I know... I said look at the EU for INSPIRATION.  That doesn't mean that every character that was ever created needs to be in the new movies.  Would I pull a few in?  Certainly.  BUT, you gotta be careful not to pull too many fanboy wishes into this.  Am I a fanboy?  I enjoy the saga no matter what... so I consider myself to be a fan (period).
4) DON'T just copy an EU character.  Quinlan Vos is the Wolverine of the Star Wars universe.  That is fine...but we don't need Jimlan Gos the *New new Wolverine of the Star Wars universe.  Be more creative than that. (a little more on EU characters later).
5) DO start the new movies in 45 ABY.  That is not just a random (fake, I realize) date.  99% of Star Wars material that has been written is written before this date.  The last major book series ends here.  Comics start again nearly 100 years later.  The core characters are still alive and it is a completely unknown future.  Show what happened directly after the second Death Star blew up in a pseudo documentary style (if you wish) at the beginning of the new sequels, but this would be my starting point for new movies.  ALSO:  Luke (Hamill), Leia (Fisher), and Han (Ford) would all be EXACTLY the right age right now to play roles at this time period.  Just sayin...
6) DON'T try to pass off Hamill, Fisher, and Ford as younger versions of themselves (like they did with TRON).  It worked to a degree with TRON because it was a computerized world to begin with.  Just don't try it here... no... just no.
7) DO go easy on the CG.  I know that Star Wars has always been about pushing the cinematic technology to new heights, but I say let someone else push for a bit.  There is some magic that is lost when everything is done with a computer.  I loved that Yoda was a puppet, guys were wearing masks, and matte paintings filled in the background.  I know we shouldn't go backwards totally, (and I love the CG Yoda now) but bring back some magic.  Can we still be awed by something on the screen?
8) DON'T pull another Jar Jar.  Ok, Jar Jar was a miracle of technology.  Subtlety is bliss.  (more on this later in the program also)
9) DO work on the dialogue.  Star Wars is an action movie, but if current shows (*Cough* Walking Dead *Cough*) can tell us anything... it is that characters and well written dialogue run the show.  Lucas is great with imagination, but poor in conversation.  I'm not going to go into particular lines that make me cringe, but I will say that there are MANY of them and while it didn't ruin the movies entirely, it was difficult to overlook at times.  Mainly a prequel problem.
10) DON'T get cliche'.  There are a lot of words out there.  We don't need to hear the same lines from the previous movies so the dullards out there can go, "Did ya hear that?  Luke said 'I'm here to rescue you' " *wets pants. 
11) DO use the "I have a bad feeling about this" line.  This line is as iconic as the story itself.  Don't overuse it, but this is one exception to the rule in #10.
12) DON'T go too crazy with trying to make the story parallel with the others.  We don't have to have another redemption story.  We don't need another naive farmboy.  Tell a unique story.
13) DO use dialogue to ignite other stories.  Remember when Obi Wan said he had fought alongside Luke's father in the Clone Wars?  Remember how your imagination went nuts thinking about what that was?  I remember, and I think it's amazing that they've gone back and filled in some details of the Clone Wars.  This is a sequel, so there isn't any expanding on something said in the future, but there is some room for this kind of magic.  Make a reference to another event that we haven't seen or read yet.
14) DON'T use dialogue to tell people plot points because you assume we are stupid.  Too many movies explain the whole thing with dialogue that is really meant to be inferred or debated.  Too vague and you get Matrix-level confusion... too concrete and you get boredom.  Explaining away the force with Midichlorians ring a bell? 
15) DO bring back the mystery of the force. It surrounds us, penetrates us...binds us together.  Luminous beings are we.  That puppet said some crazy stuff that gave a real mystery and cool factor to the force.  Bring it back.
16) DON'T explain everything away.  I like not knowing what species Yoda is.  I like not knowing why they would have repulsors and yet still create giant walking hulks.  I like wondering why you would have a robot with wheels pulling a repulsor-lift cart, or where Vader's suit came from. (Well, I know the last one now, but I liked speculating)
17) DO get relative unknowns to play major characters.  If I see Nicolas Cage, Channing Tatum or Robert Pattinson show up attached to these movie I may have to be induced into a coma to stop the rage vomitting that will commence.  These are just examples... I don't hate them personally or even as actors (well except Cage).
18) DO NOT EVEN JOKE ABOUT including a flavor of the month celebrity for these movies.  Or any movies really ... even for cameos... I'm serious.  Justin Bieber is probably a nice person.  Mariah Carey, Snookie, and the 'Duck Dynasty' guys are also nice; I imagine.  They are not actors.  Google it... it's true.  I'm watching you this time N'Sync...
19) DO use the Millenium Falcon again.  I shouldn't even have to say that.  If the Millenium Falcon isn't in this next movie, I will eat my keyboard.
20) DON'T blow up the Millenium Falcon.  I couldn't believe it when I heard they'd killed off Chewbacca.  I refused to read the book for quite a while... seriously.  I've heard rumblings about killing off major characters.  The Falcon is a major character.  That said...
21) DON'T KILL MAJOR CHARACTERS.  Luke, Leia, and Han need to live long lives and fly off into the sunset.  The only exception to that is if they decide Luke has to become a force ghost to guide the new cast like Obi Wan did for him.  THEN it should only happen 4 trilogies from now.  It's hard to let them go.  I don't care what Harrison Ford wants... Han will always beat the odds.
22) DO create some tension with cliffhangers where we don't know what is going to happen.  I want to think that they are in peril.  I don't think I can handle watching them get blown up or something horrible.  If they have to die, it had better be in saving the lives of everyone else by  having a moon land on them or something.
23) DO use the force ghosts.  Yoda, Obi Wan, Qui Gon... someone should show up as a force ghost.
24) DON'T go crazy with having everyone showing up in ghostly form.  We don't need a chorus of ghosts making our heroes seem like crazies talking to the voices in their heads all day.  Imagine having all of your teachers voices jumping in and out to tell you what to do... {shiver}.
25) DON'T rely on the main characters for much.  In my opinion, cameos for Luke, Leia and Han would be best.  Let them do something cool and then go off into the sunset.  Let the new crop take the movies where they are going to go.
26) DO make these movies (at least the first one) a nostalgic trip down Star Wars lane.  I'd love to see a movie that had the fun that the original Star Wars had.  It was truly lightning in a bottle.  Not sure that is possible, but it would be amazing to get that feeling back.
27) DO make a credible villain that stays around for awhile.  I'm talking more Vader and less Maul, Dooku, Grievous, or Fett, which to me means the villain is in all three movies and not in 20 minutes of one. 
28) DON'T kill off the cool bad guys.  Again... Maul, Dooku, Grievous, Fett are all pretty good bad guys, but they didn't get to expand their character much.  Jabba was awesome - dead.  Put them in the Arkham Asylum or something.
29) DO be careful with the Jedi Powers.  Jumping, running, choking, telepathy, lightning... all good powers.  However, there needs to be a limit to their power to make them relatable and believable.
30) DON'T use the jedi stuff just to meet a plot point.  In the OT, there were no jedi so Luke, Ben, and Yoda were showing us everything we would know about the jedi powers.  Now, we know what jedi can do, so be aware that this power shouldn't be as arbitrary as it seemed in the PT.  Example: Anakin can jump 100 yards onto the head of a droid, but can't jump over Obi Wan to the high ground?  Example 2: Qui Gon and Obi Wan super run to get away from Droidekas, but Obi Wan can't run fast enough to get through the Naboo Theed Generator complex to get to his master's side?
31) DO be mindful of the fact that Star Wars can have a future.  In essence... don't blow EVERYTHING up.
32) DON'T forget that a lot of stuff has been written up and down the timeline.  Cade Skywalker needs to be born (albeit much later).  Luke appears to him as a force ghost at some point.  So it's not unprecedented that Luke becomes one with the force... eventually.
33) DO have a cantina scene.  Just do it.  I can't imagine why not... it's iconic and awesome. Do what must be done!
34) DON'T be lazy and just copy the original.  While I would probably love it, it just seems like there is more that can be done without repeating the same thing over and over.  The "Hangover" movies can apparently get away with it, but not every movie can.
35) DO involve the Hutts somehow.  The Clone Wars cartoon showed us a Hutt council... and while it was cartoony, it was a pretty cool idea.  Hutts are still pretty mysterious and gross and would be fun to see again.  Is Rotta (Jabba's son) still alive out there somewhere?
36) DON'T underextimate the power of the metal bikini.  At the time that was shocking and managed to kickstart puberty for a generation.  Find another way to excite without copying.
37) DO go for a PG-13 series.  I don't want my Star Wars to be Sopranos or Dark Knight dark, but I also don't want it to be Dora the Explorer.  They've got to find a way to appease a very large and diverse crowd... I don't envy them for that.
38) DON'T go too G on me.  Disney... I'm talking to you.  Do some Star Wars cartoons if you want kids stuff.  You have your own channels on TV for that.
39) DO be sure to use C-3PO and R2-D2.  Again, I feel like I shouldn't have to say it.  These guys ARE Star Wars.  C-3PO has the first ever line in the movies (by release), and the last line (basically). Don't know how they'll pull it off, but they need to be fully involved.
40) DON'T destroy or try to replace these two.  R2 and 3PO have been blasted and come back before, but this would be like pink slipping or shanking Mickey Mouse.
41) DO cut an arm off, or two. We've seen it aplenty in Star Wars.  I want to cheer when I see the next arm go flying.  One of life's guilty pleasures I guess.
42) DON'T forget that prosthetics are pretty good these days... look at Luke's hand.  Let the good guy get chopped... we can rebuild him/her.  We have the technology.
43) DO show me some new bounty hunters.  Cantina, bounty hunter, etc... that's pretty much the top of the cool list in my book.  I loved the books that expanded the bounty hunters personalities.  I want more bounty hunters to wonder about.
44) DON'T forget about some of the EU bounty hunters.  Aurra Sing, Assaj Ventress, Skorr, D'Harhan, C-21 Highsinger (look him up and then watch the video of him and then tell me that droid model doesn't need a role in the new movie).  Are any of these still around?  Did anyone else get the D'Harhan treatment? (look him up also... you won't be disappointed)
45) DO have John Williams start right now with creating some music.  John Williams score is the one thing the Lucas himself said that he was completely satisfied with in the original.  Have him create some themes to go along with what we already have heard. 
46) DON'T try to get someone to copy John Williams or try to do something "new or current".  Get him to do it.  The Clone Wars music is fine for the cartoon, but they had better score this thing like the others. New and current is a terrible idea... not always... but quite often.
47) DO have someone turn to the dark side.  At the very least have someone flirting with it.  Anakin's turn was paced wrong or something.  Maybe it's because we knew it was coming... but somehow didn't have that final punch to say... OK, THAT would do it.
48) DON'T cheapen the dark side by having all sorts of dark jedi and such.  Dark jedi are a fun side project, but sith are not just dark jedi... maybe it's the level of commitment that makes the difference.  Then again, maybe having a rainbow of jedi might be fun?  Light, dark, tan, eggshell... not exactly skittles colors.  Yeah, maybe not.
49) DO have some comedy.  Comedy always adds to an adventure, but it has to make sense and weigh out among all that is going on. 
50) DON'T make the comedy obvious.  SUBTLE - a look, a turn of phrase, a humorous quip.  Poop and fart jokes and getting kicked in the junk are funny for about five seconds (if you are twelve).  All three of these "comedic" elements happen to Jar Jar... hence, people hate him.  I'll take my Star Wars without poop and groin shots please.  And make C-3PO prissy and emotional again and not spit out one-liners like, "This is such a drag"... bah.
51) DO keep the political intrigue to a minimum.  I imagine there will be some Imperial entanglements or some government trifling, but we don't need long periods of diplomacy onscreen. We know that the Imperials are the bad guys from the beginning of the OT.  No one had to tell us or point it out.
52) DON'T show everything taking place.  I can get the idea that a law has been created without sitting through the debate and signing process.  Sometimes it is what is NOT shown that makes the experience exciting.  Then you can imagine and speculate.  Or blog about it :)
53) DO use some recognizable space ships.  Star destroyers, tie fighters and X-wings may not be the ship of choice anymore, but the newest model should have shades of the old.  Show me an R-wing fighter if you want, but make it recognizable.
54) DON'T miss out on the chance to create some new hotness.  Merchandising will make sure there are new toy ships to sell, so I don't think we will have to worry about this.
55) DO use some recognizable locations.  Tatooine is in 5 of the 6 movies. Going back to one of the previous locations might be very interesting.  What does Utapau look like now? In the EU, Yavin was levelled... Coruscant was "Vong-formed".  I imagine we'll see Coruscant, but other places might be fun to revisit.
56) DON'T ignore locations that exist in EU.  Sure you can create new locations.  There's now a fire planet, an ice planet, a crystal planet, a city planet, etc.  BUT... places like Ossus, Bast Castle on Vjun, Jabiim, Corellia, Malastare, and Dathomir exist.  Tell me you don't want to see Han's home planet.
57) DO tell us something we didn't know about the characters we do know.  Qui Gon had a son?  Mace Windu Survived?  Obi Wan had a cousin?  Palpatine had already planned beyond Darth Vader?  Not saying all of these things are or should be true, but I think it would be fun to find out something like this.
58) DON'T make it a habit of giving every character a relative.  We don't need Lando's little brother and Han's long lost half-sister and Kit Fisto's half Twi'lek/half Nautolan grandson roaming around. 
59) DON'T go for crummy plot devices.  Time travel, clones, stasis, mistaken identity, "it was all a dream"... some of these plot points have been used to good effect in some instances, but I think you need to avoid them for the most part.  We don't need old Luke getting a visit from a time travelling Padme or some dumb crap like that.
60) DO find a way for a new cast to give us traces of the old cast.  I'm talking about like how Ewan McGregor channeled Alec Guinness for that role (remarkable I think).  Or how Brandon Routh looked soooo much like Christopher Reeves. (unfortunately the Superman movie was rough... but the resemblance was uncanny).
61) DO show me a Bothan onscreen.  OK... this one is a personal preference, but the reference to Bothans in the OT and their use in comics is not enough.  I want a Bothan in my movie.
62) DON'T forget that there are tons of species out there.  We don't need 400 humans and 20 random aliens.  I think that was lacking in the background of the Geonosis scene.  It was just a little lazy to have so many human extras.
63) DO give me another Wookiee to love.  Ep. III... thank you for giving us Kashyyyk and a some Wookiee love.  I wish they had more to do in the movie, but it was cool to see them.  I want more.
64) DON'T just throw random characters in and give them nothing to do.  It makes me crazy when a cool design gets wasted.  I kinda feel that way with Darth Maul, but they brought him back... however hokey that may or may not have been.  Same with Kit Fisto, Agen Kolar, and Seasee Tiin's fight with Sidious.  REALLY?  4 seconds for you three Jedi Masters!?
65) DO have Luke quote Yoda.  This is another exception to #10.  Doesn't have to be a lot, but I think Luke should be in the Yoda role in this next movie.  He's Yoda and Obi Wan.  Yoda has some of the best quotes of all time.
66) DON'T try too hard.  You can't force a story.  Anakin and Padme's love... Young Anakin's prowess with a starship...
67) DO have a love story.  I choke on this one a little because I really felt one of the biggest "misses" in the PT was the love story.  It wasn't believable.  Han Solo portrayed a more believable connection in 2 lines than 3 entire movies did for these two. "Either I'm going to kill her or I'm beginning to like her"; "You like me because I'm a scoundrel. There aren't enough scoundrels in your life."
68) DON'T show us everything.  Leave something to the imagination with the love story.  We had a feeling that there was some stuff going on with Han and Leia in ESB even though we didn't see it.  I'm going to use my word again... subtlety.
69) DO use Ben Skywalker and Jaina Solo.  And probably Allana Solo as well, but she could be left out for something in the future.  These characters could be the new core.  I would use them instead of trying to come up with something that may or may not work (or God forbid erase the continuity of them and start over... PLEASE don't do that)
70) DON'T throw a character in that doesn't belong.  Ahsoka fits... barely, but she is acceptable I think.  Starkiller (from the video game)... ok... I have some reservations, but ok. It's very difficult to squeeze something in that doesn't fit, so be careful.  "Jump the Shark" is a reference that comes to mind.
71) DON'T go crazy with origin stories.  We have an origin... we don't need to be told how all the characters came to be.  Superhero stories are notorious for trying so hard to establish an origin, but why not just suspend belief in a story that is not real anyway.
72) DO expand on the new movies with more novels.  I'm sure this is a no-brainer, but we can learn more if we want to be *gasp* reading.
73) DO at least show me a Yuuzhan Vong. I want to see one onscreen.
74) DON'T go into detail about all the Vong bio-technology. It was an interesting part of the New Jedi Order books. That is all.
75) DO give us more monsters. Another Rancor? Sure. Wampa? Maybe. Some other nightmare creature? Yes please.
76) DON'T go too "out there". I mean, we don't need another Harryhausen monster battle royal. Don't get me wrong... I liked the monsters on Geonosis, I just want new and different things.
77) DO dive into the underworld a bit. Nar Shaddaa and Nal Hutta are cool locations. Coruscant has lots of hiding places. Already mentioned Hutts and bounty hunters, but not just in our world... let's look into theirs.
78) DON'T forget about some of the EU bad guy organizations. Nightsisters... Mandalorians...Black Sun... etc. Fun easter egg kinda stuff at least!
79) DO use Saba Sebatyne. The time period I would choose would require that she be in it somewhere. She's like the #2, sometime #1 jedi in this universe. I realize that she is not as well known as some of the jedi that you could use... I'd like to see Kyle Katarn, Kam Solusar, Corran Horn, Kyp Durron... but all of them are white guys... not a racial thing... it's a big lizard jedi thing.
80) DON'T CG her either. I've seen some incredible makeup from amateurs on TV...
81) DON'T use little kids. Young Anakin only succeeded in diminishing one of the greatest villains of all time. No offense to Jake Lloyd, I don't think too many youngsters would look cool with some of the things he was expected to say. 
82) DO have some jedi academy action. It would be fun to see a jedi academy in action.
83) DO find a way to get Vader into the action. While in the iconic black suit we see Vader chatting with Tarkin and the boys, stalking hallways, turning knobs in his starship, bowing to the Emperor, choking a couple guys, and what 2 1/2 lighsaber fights? {the fight with Obi Wan in Ep IV is the 1/2}. Maybe an evil Vader disciple borrows the mask. Maybe a droid in the suit... I don't know.
84) DON'T try to get us to believe that Luke goes bad or something. No... just no. NooooOOOoooo...
85) DO have a rogue Imperial, or something, to get the Empire back in play. Rogues are unpredictable. Maybe he is the good guy? Hmmmm....
86) DON'T make the Empire all white guys. Make the Empire more diverse. I want to see a Mon Cal or Bothan (see above) in Imperial dress. Nice.
87) DO think about the possibilities of Korto Vos. Kiffar can read the past from objects. Quinlan had a son. Just a thought.
88) DON'T forget that Lando also had a son and a lucrative business: Tendrando Arms.  This kinda breaks one of my other points, but Lando is pretty cool, so he may be an exception.  Not sure if Billy Dee is up to it.  (Actually not sure Hamill or Fisher are up to it either... LOVE them, but they don't exactly seem like they are ready for a closeup if you know what I mean)  Age is a part of life.
89) DO Stormtroopers. We need some sort of stormtrooper, if for no other reason than to shoot at them.
90) DON'T do Clones.  We had our Clone Wars, give me rakghouls or some warrior species if you can't give me Stormtroopers.
91) DO have some massive fight scenes.  Space battles are a huge part of Star Wars.  More "wars" in the "stars" for me is perfect.
92) DON'T forget lightsaber battles. More lightsabers = more awesome.
93) DON'T make the technology too different.  The PT seemed to have better technology than the OT, which is concerning, but understandable. We are talking about Republic money vs. Rebel money.  Holos, shields, hyperdrive... those are all pretty standard I think.
94) DO come up with some new technology that we haven't seen before.  I mean for the movie characters, not Lucasfilm.  We've seen all kinds of stuff in movies nowadays... not sure what the new thing is going to be, but I'm sure Star Wars can find it if anyone can.
95) DO release the OT in 3D on movie screens.  I had fun watching Ep.I on the big screen again and it would be fun to see the OT eventually... maybe in between releases? maybe after?
96) DON'T make me wait forever to get the 9 part trilogy with all the cut scenes, bloopers, documentaries, etc.  I want it now, but I'll wait until the next three are done.
97) DO keep Lawrence Kasdan in the loop as long as possible. He wrote ESB, which is widely acclaimed as the best Star Wars movie.
98) DON'T ignore Leland Chee, Keeper of the Holocron.  He has all the knowledge.  ALL of it. He is the Holocron Keeper. Ask him if you don't know. There are others you could ask like Pablo Hidalgo or me :)
99) DON'T stop making those Disney - Star Wars mashup figures.  They are really neat and while I'm at it, I'm going to request more build-a-droids and a new Mickey Mouse Star Wars Movie! When was the last Mickey Mouse movie?
100) DO a Star Wars Theme Park.  If you read to this point you deserve your own theme park.  Harry Potter world would look like the Small World ride if they did the park that I have in my head.  Pod race roller coaster, Battle Droid Shootout, Trench Run roller coaster, Giant AT-ATs, Imperial Parade... DISNEY.... DO THIS.... DO IT NOW!!!

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Thursday, February 14, 2013

100 Star Wars Species

There are lots of alien species that have appeared in Star Wars. Here are 100 of the coolest, most prominent, or just most interesting looking alien species... with a member of that species as an example.
1) Aqualish - Ponda Baba (first arm removal in the movies, not the last... what's with the butt face?)
2) Abyssan - Myo (cyclops are cool)
3) Bith - Figrin D'an (the cantina band = awesome)
4) Askajian - Yarna Da'l Gargan (six breasted dancers?)
5) Bothan - Borsk Fey'lya (many Bothans died to acquire the death star plans)
6) Chiss - Grand Admiral Thrawn (you made it to this blog, so you know who this is)
7) Dug - Sebulba (very unique anatomy for Star Wars)
8) Ewok - Wicket (teddy bears... that will eat your face)
9) Falleen - Prince Xixor (reptilian pheromone manipulators)
10) Geonosian - Poggle the Lesser (bugs... )
11) Gand - Zuckuss (bug eyed bounty hunter)
12) Gran - Mawhonic (3 eyed goat?)
13) Ithorian - Momaw Nadon (who doesn't remember the hammerhead guy?)
14) Hutt - Jabba (giant gangster slugs are cool)
15) Twi'lek - Bib Fortuna (the guys are hideous... the girls? head tails can be hot)
16) Nautolan - Kit Fisto (head tails? I got your head tails)
17) Ortulan - Max Rebo (who ordered the piano playing elephants?)
18) Quarren - Tikkes (squidhead)
19) Chagrian - Mas Amedda (horns and head tails... sweet)
20) Togruta - Shaak Ti (similar to Chagrians.... )
21) Umbaran - Sly Moore (see in the dark)
22) Gungun - JarJar Binks (swimming donkeys... trying not to hate on too much)
23) Fosh - Vergere (mysterious birdlike species)
24) Vuvrian - Wioslea (like a potato head with eyeballs everywhere)
25) Whiphid - K'Kruhk (think Chewbacca and Wampa hybrid)
26) Trandoshan - Bossk (big lizards that wear spacesuits)
27) Gamorrean - Gartogg (Pigs... in... Spaaaaace)
28) Ongree - Pablo Jill (turn that frown  upside down?)
29) Muun - San Hill (why the long face?)
30) Kaleesh - Gen. Greivous (he was even uglier before becoming a cyborg and using that mask)
31) Zabrak - Darth Maul (tattoos are cool these days for some reason)
32) Vurk - Coleman Trebor (dinosaur head)
33) Anx - Horox Ryyder (dinosaur head #2)
34) Rodian - Greedo (Han shot first)
35) Thispassian - Oppo Rancisis (snake tail, neat)
36) Talz - Muftak (sort of a giant furry mosquito without wings)
37) Wookiee - Chewbacca (if you don't know what a wookiee is, you are in the wrong place)
38) Yuzhan Vong - Nom Anor (scariest looking species I can think of)
39) Cerean - Ki Adi Mundi (coneheads)
40) Quermian - Yarael Poof (not sure how a jedi would protect that neck from his own lightsaber)
41) Mon Calamari - Admiral Ackbar (fish heads, yummy fish heads)
42) Zeltron - Deliah Blue (purple/pink skinned models)
43) Neti - T'ra Saa (anthropomorphic trees)
44) Toydarian - Watto (flying elephant seals with skinny little arms and legs... weird)
45) Yarkora - Saelt Marae (yakface... more like camel face)
46) Karkarodon - Riff Tamson (Shark people)
47) Miraluka - Visas Marr (no eyes, creepy)
48) Defel - Arleil Schous ("living shadows")
49) Utapaun - Tion Medon (corduroy vampires... )
50) Amanin - Amanaman (tapeworms with limbs)
51) Dresselian - Orrimarko (prune face)
52) Siniteen - Pons Limbic (I can see your brain)
53) Givin - Elis Helrot (think 'Scream' ghostface, but it's not a mask)
54) Clawdite - Zam Wessel (shape shifter)
55) Jawa - Het N'kik (always kinda thought of them as sand fleas... make sense?)
56) Chadra-Fan - Tekli (bat face)
57) Hoojib - Plif (you should look this one up if you don't know... cute but odd)
58) Lepi - Jaxxon (rabbits that walk like men)
59) Aleena - Tsui Choi (mini dinosaurs)
60) Lannik - Even Piell (think Yoda if he was a white guy)
61) Kel Dor - Plo Koon (non-oxygen breathers)
62) Baragwin - Hermi Odle (sorta like a smaller jabba with legs, but more earthworm than slug)
63) Nikto - Nysad (I always think armadillo)
64) Nikto - Giran (There are several different types)
65) Pantoran - Baron Papanoida (Tall smurfs haha)
66) Herglic - Bar Kooda (Whale people... pretty much any animal has a humanoid alien species)
67) Weequay - Sora Bulq (perhaps too much sun)
68) Gotal - Feltipern Trevagg (surprise... not very goat-like)
69) Barada - Tarados Gon (dog face)
70) Besalisk - Dexter Jettster (4 arms are better than 2)
71) Kitonek - Droopy McCool (clarinet playing mole... its a stage name)
72) Adsvodse - Bom Vimdin (I'd be grumpy too with a giant horn sticking out of my forehead)
73) Devaronian - Labria (look like devils)
74) Duro - Ellors Madak (basically your typical green man from outer space)
75) Neimoidian - Nute Gunray (the most distinctive thing about them to me was their voices)
76) Tusken - Hoar (how would one describe these 'guys'... always creeped me out)
77) Anzati - Dannik Jerriko (the backstory on this species is crazy. Brain vampires? )
78) Blood Carver - Ke Daiv (love the species name... tribal bugs)
79) Sith - Naga Sadow (originally a species of red-skinned barbarians)
80) Massassi - Zythmnr (subspecies of sith mutated into hulking warriors)
81) Snivvian - Zutton (U G L Y)
82) Parwan - Derrown (lighter than air)
83) Krevaaki - Vodo-Siosk Baas (space lobster)
84) Arkanian - Arca Jeth (no pupils = creepy)
85) Dantari - Tuber (basically primitave human cave men... maybe not so long ago or far away?)
86) Toong - Ben Quadinaros (pretty much just a head with arms and legs)
87) Zilkin - Meebur Gascon (One of the smallest alien species... rather toad/snail-like)
88) Qiraash - Leesub Sirln (giant pink bald heads)
89) Kaminoan - Lama Su (cloners)
90) Ugnaught - Ugloste (little pig, little pig... ugly pig)
91) Lutrilian - Solomahal (hare mouse?)
92) Riorian - Loje Nella (Toadstool terror)
93) Arcona - Hem Dazon (T-headed salt junkie)
94) Swokes Swokes - Gragra (nightmare teeth and horns on a mass of flesh)
95) Troig - Fodesinbeed (2-heads)
96) Skakoan - Wat Tambor (worms in pressurized suits)
97) Togorian - Mezgraf (huge cats that walk upright)
98) Priapulin - Charza Kwinn (crazy space caterpillar)
99) Xi Charian - Prelate (basically look just like the vulture droid)
100) Mustafarian - Ulon Glost (short and stocky or tall and weak)