Thursday, February 14, 2013

100 Star Wars Species

There are lots of alien species that have appeared in Star Wars. Here are 100 of the coolest, most prominent, or just most interesting looking alien species... with a member of that species as an example.
1) Aqualish - Ponda Baba (first arm removal in the movies, not the last... what's with the butt face?)
2) Abyssan - Myo (cyclops are cool)
3) Bith - Figrin D'an (the cantina band = awesome)
4) Askajian - Yarna Da'l Gargan (six breasted dancers?)
5) Bothan - Borsk Fey'lya (many Bothans died to acquire the death star plans)
6) Chiss - Grand Admiral Thrawn (you made it to this blog, so you know who this is)
7) Dug - Sebulba (very unique anatomy for Star Wars)
8) Ewok - Wicket (teddy bears... that will eat your face)
9) Falleen - Prince Xixor (reptilian pheromone manipulators)
10) Geonosian - Poggle the Lesser (bugs... )
11) Gand - Zuckuss (bug eyed bounty hunter)
12) Gran - Mawhonic (3 eyed goat?)
13) Ithorian - Momaw Nadon (who doesn't remember the hammerhead guy?)
14) Hutt - Jabba (giant gangster slugs are cool)
15) Twi'lek - Bib Fortuna (the guys are hideous... the girls? head tails can be hot)
16) Nautolan - Kit Fisto (head tails? I got your head tails)
17) Ortulan - Max Rebo (who ordered the piano playing elephants?)
18) Quarren - Tikkes (squidhead)
19) Chagrian - Mas Amedda (horns and head tails... sweet)
20) Togruta - Shaak Ti (similar to Chagrians.... )
21) Umbaran - Sly Moore (see in the dark)
22) Gungun - JarJar Binks (swimming donkeys... trying not to hate on too much)
23) Fosh - Vergere (mysterious birdlike species)
24) Vuvrian - Wioslea (like a potato head with eyeballs everywhere)
25) Whiphid - K'Kruhk (think Chewbacca and Wampa hybrid)
26) Trandoshan - Bossk (big lizards that wear spacesuits)
27) Gamorrean - Gartogg (Pigs... in... Spaaaaace)
28) Ongree - Pablo Jill (turn that frown  upside down?)
29) Muun - San Hill (why the long face?)
30) Kaleesh - Gen. Greivous (he was even uglier before becoming a cyborg and using that mask)
31) Zabrak - Darth Maul (tattoos are cool these days for some reason)
32) Vurk - Coleman Trebor (dinosaur head)
33) Anx - Horox Ryyder (dinosaur head #2)
34) Rodian - Greedo (Han shot first)
35) Thispassian - Oppo Rancisis (snake tail, neat)
36) Talz - Muftak (sort of a giant furry mosquito without wings)
37) Wookiee - Chewbacca (if you don't know what a wookiee is, you are in the wrong place)
38) Yuzhan Vong - Nom Anor (scariest looking species I can think of)
39) Cerean - Ki Adi Mundi (coneheads)
40) Quermian - Yarael Poof (not sure how a jedi would protect that neck from his own lightsaber)
41) Mon Calamari - Admiral Ackbar (fish heads, yummy fish heads)
42) Zeltron - Deliah Blue (purple/pink skinned models)
43) Neti - T'ra Saa (anthropomorphic trees)
44) Toydarian - Watto (flying elephant seals with skinny little arms and legs... weird)
45) Yarkora - Saelt Marae (yakface... more like camel face)
46) Karkarodon - Riff Tamson (Shark people)
47) Miraluka - Visas Marr (no eyes, creepy)
48) Defel - Arleil Schous ("living shadows")
49) Utapaun - Tion Medon (corduroy vampires... )
50) Amanin - Amanaman (tapeworms with limbs)
51) Dresselian - Orrimarko (prune face)
52) Siniteen - Pons Limbic (I can see your brain)
53) Givin - Elis Helrot (think 'Scream' ghostface, but it's not a mask)
54) Clawdite - Zam Wessel (shape shifter)
55) Jawa - Het N'kik (always kinda thought of them as sand fleas... make sense?)
56) Chadra-Fan - Tekli (bat face)
57) Hoojib - Plif (you should look this one up if you don't know... cute but odd)
58) Lepi - Jaxxon (rabbits that walk like men)
59) Aleena - Tsui Choi (mini dinosaurs)
60) Lannik - Even Piell (think Yoda if he was a white guy)
61) Kel Dor - Plo Koon (non-oxygen breathers)
62) Baragwin - Hermi Odle (sorta like a smaller jabba with legs, but more earthworm than slug)
63) Nikto - Nysad (I always think armadillo)
64) Nikto - Giran (There are several different types)
65) Pantoran - Baron Papanoida (Tall smurfs haha)
66) Herglic - Bar Kooda (Whale people... pretty much any animal has a humanoid alien species)
67) Weequay - Sora Bulq (perhaps too much sun)
68) Gotal - Feltipern Trevagg (surprise... not very goat-like)
69) Barada - Tarados Gon (dog face)
70) Besalisk - Dexter Jettster (4 arms are better than 2)
71) Kitonek - Droopy McCool (clarinet playing mole... its a stage name)
72) Adsvodse - Bom Vimdin (I'd be grumpy too with a giant horn sticking out of my forehead)
73) Devaronian - Labria (look like devils)
74) Duro - Ellors Madak (basically your typical green man from outer space)
75) Neimoidian - Nute Gunray (the most distinctive thing about them to me was their voices)
76) Tusken - Hoar (how would one describe these 'guys'... always creeped me out)
77) Anzati - Dannik Jerriko (the backstory on this species is crazy. Brain vampires? )
78) Blood Carver - Ke Daiv (love the species name... tribal bugs)
79) Sith - Naga Sadow (originally a species of red-skinned barbarians)
80) Massassi - Zythmnr (subspecies of sith mutated into hulking warriors)
81) Snivvian - Zutton (U G L Y)
82) Parwan - Derrown (lighter than air)
83) Krevaaki - Vodo-Siosk Baas (space lobster)
84) Arkanian - Arca Jeth (no pupils = creepy)
85) Dantari - Tuber (basically primitave human cave men... maybe not so long ago or far away?)
86) Toong - Ben Quadinaros (pretty much just a head with arms and legs)
87) Zilkin - Meebur Gascon (One of the smallest alien species... rather toad/snail-like)
88) Qiraash - Leesub Sirln (giant pink bald heads)
89) Kaminoan - Lama Su (cloners)
90) Ugnaught - Ugloste (little pig, little pig... ugly pig)
91) Lutrilian - Solomahal (hare mouse?)
92) Riorian - Loje Nella (Toadstool terror)
93) Arcona - Hem Dazon (T-headed salt junkie)
94) Swokes Swokes - Gragra (nightmare teeth and horns on a mass of flesh)
95) Troig - Fodesinbeed (2-heads)
96) Skakoan - Wat Tambor (worms in pressurized suits)
97) Togorian - Mezgraf (huge cats that walk upright)
98) Priapulin - Charza Kwinn (crazy space caterpillar)
99) Xi Charian - Prelate (basically look just like the vulture droid)
100) Mustafarian - Ulon Glost (short and stocky or tall and weak)

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