Friday, August 14, 2015

Top 100 Star Wars Expanded Universe Moments

I see lists all the time with what will be lost with the discarding of the Star Wars Expanded Universe.  In my opinion, we aren't losing it... it's still there... it's just a shame that more isn't going to be considered part of the mainstream movie universe.  There truly was a LOT that did not have to be thrown away.  A LOT of work by very good writers has been marginalized.  Hopefully parts of this amazing body of work will be used in some way... it could be fun to one day do a blog about all the stuff that was used in the new trilogy that came from the EU.

What I have here is a list of the Top 100 Moments, Events, or just Pieces of Awesome from the Star Wars Expanded Universe.  I tried to give a small amount of info on these where it was needed... and the main book/comic/other where this is located is included in the right column.

*** SPOILERS *** If you haven't read much of the Star Wars Expanded Fiction, you may want to go to one of my other blog entries on what to read... This blog post will give away some important parts of really good books so just be aware!*** SPOILERS

1) Cloned Emperor returns - One death is not enough for someone who planned the CLONE wars.
Dark Empire
2) Ood B'nar defeats Executor Sedriss - This one started 5,000 years before Luke.  You'll have to go to the Tales of the Jedi comics to get the start of this story.  Dark Empire II
3) Mara Jade marries Luke - From Emperor's Hand to Jedi Grand Master's Hand... Star Wars: Union
4) Vergere is a Jedi? Or Sith? - Vergere is one of the most enigmatic and possibly misunderstood characters of the whole universe, but a great character arc. New Jedi Order: Star by Star
5) Ganner's last stand - One of the all time best moments of redemption for a wishy-washy character.  You will dislike this character and then cheer out loud. New Jedi Order: Traitor
6) Jaina trains with Boba Fett - You read that right... Han's kid trained to go after Han's other kid. Legacy of the Force: Revelation
7) Han works with Fett to get Thracken - More family issues with the Solo clan.  Loved the idea of Solo and Fett working together on this one. Legacy of the Force: Bloodlines
8) Anakin Solo becomes one with the force - One of the most wrenching and unbelievable moments in one of the top 5 EU books.  Disparage the NJO series all you want, but this one is a downright gem! New Jedi Order: Star by Star
9) Raynar Thul is found as the Joiner King - A very cool/disgusting way to connect to a prior event. Like if the Star Trek Borg were bugs.... ick. Dark Nest I: The Joiner King
10) D'Harhan blasts the Shell Hutts - So few know about this guy.  5 words ... Replaced Head With Laser Cannon. The Bounty Hunter Wars Book 1: The Mandalorian Armor
11) Exar Kun almost takes down the Jedi Academy - Exar Kun is another one you'll have to go back to the Tales of the Jedi to learn about, but his attempted takeover of the galaxy from beyond the grave was really cool. The Jedi Academy Trilogy
12) Ahsoka leaves the Jedi Order - Unexpected and unresolved.  Made for a great end to a GREAT series. Last Episode Clone Wars Season 5
13) Enter Lumiya, Dark Lady of the Sith - Lumiya came back to haunt the Skywalkers much later... which adds to an already cool character Star Wars Marvel Comics
14) K'Kruhk survives… again - No list of cool EU is complete without K'Kruhk.  Does his hat have special power?  He lives! Clone Wars microseries - Legacy: Ghosts 
15) Quinlan Vos wakes up with no memory - One of the best additions of the entire EU.  He went from background character in Ep I, to comic legend, to Clone Wars canon.  If something was to survive in the EU, Vos and Aayla are good choices. Star Wars Republic: Twilight
16) Cantina Patrons get backstories - Read this book and then rewatch the movie with new eyes. Tales from the Mos Eisley Cantina
17) Jabba's Palace gets backstory - Read this book and then rewatch the movie with new eyes. Tales from Jabba's Palace
18) Kir Kanos takes down Carnor Jax - You always wondered what those Imperial Guard guys in red cloaks could do... just admit it! Crimson Empire
19) Jacen Solo's captivity with the Vong - Say what you want about the Vong technology, but you could feel Jacen's time with them and you changed along with him. New Jedi Order: Traitor
20) Grand Admiral Thrawn begins his domination of the galaxy - Thrawn.  If you are here you know that name. Heir to the Empire
21) Baron Fel joins Rogue Squadron - Another cool concept in the EU.  An Imperial Ace Pilot that joins the ultimate Rebel Fighter Squadron. X-wing Rogue Squadron: The Making of Baron Fel
22) Aayla Secura defeats Aurra Sing - Aurra Sing deserves a mention on any Star Wars list.  These two had opposite paths to legitimacy.  Aayla was a minor comic character that made it big on the screen.  Aurra was a background character that made a big splash in the comics.  Plus hot chicks fighting... Jedi: Aayla Secura
23) Assaj Ventress battles Anakin on Yavin - The Clone Wars Microseries made Star Wars cool again. Clone Wars microseries  
24) General Grievous' first appearance - (See previous) Lucas should have taken some notes on Grievous in this microseries... he was awesome here. Clone Wars microseries
25) Boba Fett blasts out of the Saarlac - You can't eat Boba Fett. The Bounty Hunter Wars Book 1: The Mandalorian Armor
26) Kit Fisto battles underwater (lightsaber lit) - The Microseries again... it was able to capture the imagination 3 minutes at a time. INCREDIBLE genius work. Clone Wars microseries
27) Jaina battles Jacen - Hard to read if you followed these characters from when they were born. Legacy of the Force: Invincible
28) Full scale Clone Wars battle in "Landing at Point Rain" - What the Clone Wars aspired to be but didn't really get into in the movies. The Clone Wars season 2
29) Corran Horn vs. Shedao-Shai - It's the 'fight me man-to-man and leave everyone else alone' plot.   New Jedi Order: Dark Tide II: Ruin
30) Chewbacca has a moon land on him - This is something the new movies reverse that I am excited about.  I didn't read this book for awhile when I heard they had killed Chewie.... how could that happen? New Jedi Order: Vector Prime
31) Borsk Fey'lya's Sacrifice - Weasel politician causes so many problems... AND TOTALLY REDEEMS himself. New Jedi Order: Star by Star
32) Mandalorians battling on Mandalore - Boba Fett was cool even though he was in the movie for like 8 seconds... More Mandos please. The Clone Wars season 5
33) Prince Xixor tries to best Darth Vader - Xixor was a Falleen with pheromone powers over women... look out Leia. Shadows of the Empire
34) Starkiller unleashes the force - The video game was fun... the full story was ok.  The idea of Vader having a secret apprentice was really interesting. The Force Unleashed (VG and Comic)
35) Boba Fett tracks down Jodo Kast - Just go read it... widely agreed on as one of the best moments. Boba Fett: Twin Engines of Destruction
36) Darth Krayt is who? - I'm not telling, but he's on this list elsewhere. Star Wars Legacy Comics
37) Winter protects the solo children - Winter is one of the most underrated characters in all the EU.  She factors in several stories and is always cool. Vol 3 of the Jedi Academy Trilogy: Champions of the Force
38) Republic Commandoes roll out - The video game was fun... the stories written about them were very intriguing. Republic Commando (VG) & Republic Commando: Hard Contact
39) Tenel Ka has a daughter - Allana we hardly knew ya. Dark Nest II: The Unseen Queen
40) Darth Bane establishes the 'Rule of Two' - Bane gave us a side to the EU that was incredibly dark and we liked it. Darth Bane: Rule of Two
41) Durge pulls himself together - LITERALLY pulls back together and probably is still. Clone Wars microseries
42) Obi Wan in The Box - Bounty hunters are great... Obi Wan playing bounty hunter- even better. The Clone Wars season 4
43) C-21 Highsinger does his thing - This one wouldn't make a lot of lists, but his quick moment made me 'WHOA'... and that was enough for me. The Clone Wars season 4
44) Death Troopers - Zombie Stormtroopers, c'mon. Death Troopers
45) D-Squad - R2 was already a hero... now he leads his own astromech squad? The Clone Wars season 5
46) Assaj Ventress becomes a bounty hunter - New novel just came out that expands on this character and Quinlan Vos together - Dark Disciple.  Can't wait to read that. The Clone Wars season 4
47) Last Stand on Jabiim - The poor Padawan pack.  Great looking characters... that were doomed from the start. Star Wars: Republic Comics
48) Zombie Sith - Immediately read this one after reading Death Troopers (or before) Red Harvest
49) Vader Remembers C-3PO - Just a quick panel or two but very nicely done. Star Wars Tales 6
50) Darth Plagueis trains Sidious to take power - 'Darth Plagueis the wise' - Only Star Wars gives a setup like that in an opera house and then knocks it out of the park with a great book to tell the tale. Darth Plagueis
51) The Death of Mara Jade Skywalker - Almost as shocking as Chewie's death.  Mara held on to point out the guilty. Legacy of the Force: Sacrifice
52) Luke succumbs to the Dark Side. - Luke as a dark jedi is something you've always wanted to see... you know it. Dark Empire
53) Cade Skywalker vs. The One Sith - Descendant of Skywalker vs. what looked like descendants of Darth Maul... mix and serve. Star Wars Legacy Comics
54) Corran Horn rescues his wife Mirax - Just a great book. I, Jedi
54) Hutt Council - Cartoony, but it was a cartoon after all. The Clone Wars Season 3
55) Clone Trooper Fives journey - A clone unlike the others. The Clone Wars Seasons 1-6
56) Star Wars Infinities (What if) - Lots of 'what if' moments are indulged here... cool alternate story telling. Star Wars Infinities
57) Darth Revan is what? - Revan quickly became a fan favorite. KOTOR video game
58) Obi Wan and Anakin track down Darth Sidious - VERY underrated book with immediate ties to Revenge of the Sith Labyrinth of Evil
60) Corran Horn escapes the Secret Lusankya Prison - This one's more about the prison ship ripping itself out of Coruscant's buildings.   X-Wing:  The Krytos Trap
61) Wedge reforms Rogue Squadron - We all needed more Rogue Squadron after Wedge manages to survive both Death Stars! X-Wing:  Rogue Squadron
62) Ulic Qel-Droma is disgraced and redeemed - Did you know the Force could be ripped away from you? Tales of the Jedi
63) The Rakghoul plague - This followed all the way from Ancient times to Skywalker's decendents KOTOR comic
64) Valance has his true self revealed - Sometimes you hate what you are. Star Wars Marvel Comics
65) Young Han Solo has to make his way in the universe - The whole trilogy is awesome, but fleshing out some of Han's motivations is priceless. The Han Solo Trilogy: The Paradise Snare
66) The Jedi Temple was built on a Sith shrine? - Interesting revelation here. Tarkin
67) Palpatine takes matters into his own hands - Darth Sidious gets his hands dirty. Lords of the Sith
68) Leia becomes a full Jedi - Leia's path to becoming a jedi was done in fits and starts, but she gets there and whether you like it or not, she is a Skywalker. Dark Nest II: The Swarm War
69) Outbound Flight is destroyed - The folly of master Jorus C'Boath Outbound Flight
70) Joruus C'boath is a mad clone - C'boath was one of the first new jedi we'd seen in a Star Wars novel and we find out he's crazy... and a clone of himself. Heir to the Empire
71) Darth Maul dismantles Black Sun - Just a fun look at what Darth Maul did outside of menacing Jedi and getting cut in half. Star Wars: Darth Maul
72) Warriors riding Rancors - Self explanatory I think The Force Unleashed (VG)
73) Onimi is in control - Twist that few would have seen coming  New Jedi Order: The Unifying Force
74) Yoda talks down Count Dooku - One of few novels that look at Master Yoda. Yoda: Dark Rendezvous
75) Luke is not afraid of the Dark - The master Luke Skywalker and the Shadows of Mindor
76) Darth Vader purges a jedi conclave - We knew about the jedi 'Dark Times' and this was a good way to show Vader at the height of his power. Star Wars: Purge comic
77) Nute Gunray becomes the Trade Federation Leader - Misdirection leads to Clone Wars... Gunray became a big piece of the beginning of that war. Cloak of Deception
78) Solo's Eleven - A heist story that is full of great twists, just love this team. Star Wars: Scoundrels
79) A Gamorrean in Wraith Squadron - PIGGY! X-Wing: Wraith Squadron
80) The Tusken Jedi - Another great character that became even greater. Star Wars Republic: Outlander
81) Darth Malgus destroys the Jedi Temple - Go watch The Old Republic: Deceived Trailer RIGHT NOW if you don't know what this is.  Deceived - Star Wars: The Old Republic
82) Darth Talon and Darth Nihl - Hands of the Sith Emperor Star Wars Legacy Comics
83) Eight for Aduba - I don't care if you don't like Jaxxon... this Akira Kurasowa tribute to the Seven Samurai is a great tale. Star Wars Marvel Comics
84) The 'death' of Shira Brie - An emotional time for young Skywalker Star Wars Marvel Comics
85) Dash Rendar sightings? - Did he or didn't he die? Shadows of the Empire and Shadows of the Empire: Evolution
86) Enter Cad Bane - One of the best new characters from The Clone Wars cartoon that I hope we see more of. The Clone Wars Season 1
87) Embo, Sugi, and the Star Wars Seven Samurai - Another Seven Samurai tale... this time played out on screen instead of in a comic.  AND Embo! --- like the Snake Eyes of the Star Wars universe. The Clone Wars Season 2
88) Hondo Ohnaka's Weequay pirates - Hondo was another of the fantastic additions to Star Wars from The Clone Wars.  Loved his pirate gang. The Clone Wars Season 1
89) A Life Debt to remember (Han meets Chewie) - The story of how Han met Chewie is layered when you read the WHOLE Han Solo Trilogy. The Han Solo Trilogy: The Hutt Gambit
90) What happened right before the first movie took place? - Everyone loves a lead in story, right?  Why was Han at the Cantina? The Han Solo Trilogy: Rebel Dawn
91) Zayne Carrick escapes the Jedi Covenant and Padawan Massacre - From the very beginning, this comic series grabbed you. Knights of the Old Republic
92) Vector - The ambitious crossover event that spanned the millenia Dark Times, Rebellion, KOTOR, Legacy
93) What happened after Vader got blasted by Han in Episode IV? - We knew he didn't die since he was back in Empire... Star Wars: Empire comics
94) Kyp Durron and the Sun Crusher - Kyp possessed by Exar Kun pulls the Sun Crusher weapon off of the surface of a Gas Giant planet... Sounds impressive right? The Jedi Academy Trilogy
95) Han and Chewie escape the Spice Mines of Kessel - The Kessel run and the Spice Mines of Kessel should ring a bell... both were spoken in the original trilogy. The Jedi Academy Trilogy
96) Sith Lineage of Naga Sadow, Freedon Nadd, and Exar Kun - Kun again... the Tales of the Jedi gave a great backstory to the Sith. Tales of the Jedi
97) Alema Rar is taken apart piece by piece - Shoulder, Lekku, foot... this all takes place in different novels and she just keeps coming. Dark Nest I: The Joiner King - Legacy of the Force: Fury
98) Mara Jade - The Emperor's Hand - If you are ranking characters, she'd beat out most of the main characters for popularity and a lot of that is due to her time as a 'bad girl' Heir to the Empire
99) Noghri Bodyguards for Lady Vader - The Noghri became a part of the family and when they were gone it was felt. And they called Leia Lady Vader... sweet. Heir to the Empire
100) Han and Leia get hitched - So this was not a shock... but it wasn't easy to get these two together. The Courtship of Princess Leia