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100 Most Influential Characters

Attempting to best the IGN list of Top Characters. I'll try to give some reasoning behind these.

1) Darth Vader - There is no more central character to the saga onscreen or off.

2) Yoda - "For 800 years have I trained jedi" pretty much says it.

3) Luke Skywalker - The OT was only a part of his influence, which has been expanded greatly in novels and comics.

4) Darth Sidious/Palpatine - Nearly destroyed the Jedi and took over pretty much everything for awhile.

5) Leia Organa Solo - Onetime Leader of the Rebellion, Chief of State, Jedi Master, and mother of 3 influential Jedi.

6) R2-D2 - Our heroes would never have made it through one movie without him.

7) Han Solo - Smuggler and Hero-for-hire that repeatedly saved the day well into the expanded universe. Don't tell him the odds.

8) Obi Wan Kenobi - Hero of the Clone Wars, mentor and guide to Luke Skywalker and his father.

9) Jacen Solo - Twin born of Leia and Han. Took the mantle Darth Caedus after a path of confusion, pain, and discovery.

10) Jaina Solo - Twin born of Leia and Han. "Sword of the Jedi".

11) Mara Jade Skywalker - Wife of Luke Skywalker and former "Emperor's Hand" that would shape events for the jedi for years. Mentor to Jaina Solo.

12) Gilad Pellaeon - Supreme Commander of the Imperial Remnant and eventually the Galactic Alliance. Broke down lines between Imperial and Republic.

13) XoXaan - Influence lasted 4 millenia. She had a part in establishing the Sith at the beginning, and her teachings restarted the Sith Order under Darth Krayt.

14) Darth Bane - Established the "rule of two" and kept the Sith hidden for years when they were thought to be extinct.

15) Count Dooku - Leader of the separatists during the Clone Wars. Darth Tyranus.

16) Mon Mothma - Leader of the rebellion against the Empire. Founding member.

17) Bail Organa - Leader of the rebellion, adopted father of Leia, marshalled the galaxy to action.

18) Padme Amidala - Queen and eventual Senator of Naboo. Instrumental in resistance against war. Mother of Luke and Leia.

19) Chewbacca - Fierce, loyal companion to Han Solo that died protecting his child.

20) Admiral Ackbar - Military leader of the rebellion and eventually the New Republic

21) Qui Gon Jinn - Master of Obi Wan Kenobi. Found Anakin Skywalker, believing him to be "the one".

22) C-3PO - Protocol droid that was asked to do much more in the employ of Luke, Leia and others.

23) Lando Calrissean - Businessman and smuggler that aided the rebels and Republic. Led the attack on the second death star.

24) Vergere - Jedi that lived with the Yuuzhan Vong for a time. Experimented on Jacen Solo eventually creating his downfall.

25) Nom Anor - Yuuzhan Vong manipulator and scout that prepped the galaxy for a destructive invasion.

26) Ben Skywalker - Offspring of Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade. Powerful Jedi that is still reaching his potential

27) Grand Moff Tarkin - Commander of the first Death Star. Rule through fear.

28) Lumiya - Instigator and apprentice to Darth Vader that caused chaos and grief to the Skywalkers and the galaxy.

29) Grand Admiral Thrawn - Nearly re-established the Empire after it was taken down. Brilliant military strategist.

30) "Starkiller" Galen Marek - Vader's "secret" apprentice. Actually instrumental in forming the rebellion.

31) Natasi Daala - Imperial Admiral. Eventual Chief of State of the Galactic Alliance. How did that happen?

32) Jan Dodonna - Long serving military mind that found the flaw in the Death Star and wrote the book on modern space combat.

33) Crix Madine - Imperial defector that helped lead the rebellion as a General.

34) Jango Fett - Pattern for the entire clone army. Bounty hunter "father" of Boba. One time Mandalore… leader of the Mandalorians.

35) Boba Fett - Unkillable bounty hunter. The best in the business. Later became the Mandalore

36) Jabba the Hutt - Crime Lord

37) Kyle Katarn - Jedi and mercenary instrumental in the capturing of the death star plans.

38) Corran Horn - Jedi Master, Roque Squadron Pilot, Corsec officer... is there nothing this guy can't do?

39) Borsk Fey'lya - Chief of State and political leader. Eventual martyr during Vong War.

40) Wedge Antilles - Lived through the destruction of both Death Stars as a fighter pilot. Leader of Rogue Squadron.

41) Mace Windu - Jedi Council member and fierce combatant.

42) Darth Revan - A powerful sith and redeemed jedi that influenced future sith like Darth Bane.

43) Exar Kun - Ancient sith that years later nearly destroyed Luke Skywalker and his academy.

44) Darth Krayt - Former jedi A'Sharad Hett that ended up surviving to re-establish the One Sith.

45) Cade Skywalker - Descendent of Anakin and Luke with darkness and honor in his blood.

46) Bodo Baas - Descendant of Vodo Baas. Keeper of the Holocron of Jedi knowledge.

47) Kyp Durron - Jedi apprentice that went dark and caused destruction, then redeemed, went on to be a controversial Jedi Master.

48) Talon Karrde - Honorable leader of the Smuggler's Alliance. Routinely aided the Jedi.

49) Prince Xizor - Leader of criminal syndicate Black Sun.

50) Quinlan Vos - Jedi that skirted the edge between light and dark. Influential in infiltrating the separatists.

51) Darth Maul - The first sith anyone had seen in a millenium. Apprentice to Darth Sidious.

52) Ysanne Isard - Imperial Admiral. Enemy of Rogue Squadron.

53) Oppo Rancisis - Influential battle tactician and Jedi Council Member.

54) Bevel Lemelisk - Engineer of the death stars, darksaber, and other Imperial projects

55) Raith Sienar - Conceived the death star, member of influential Seinar spaceship building empire (Sienar Technologies), designer of the TIE fighter

56) Aurra Sing - Bounty hunter and Jedi killer.

57) Jerec - Fallen Dark Jedi hunted jedi and rebels

58) Kir Kanos - Crimson Guard super soldier who fought his own treacherous kind. Also used the bounty hunter alias Kenix Kil later.

59) Cal Omas - Long standing Chief of State. Essential in putting the galaxy back together after the Vong War.

60) Tenel Ka - Mother of Jacen Solo's child Allana. Queen Mother of Hapes Consotium and Jedi.

61) Nute Gunray - Neimoidian Trade Federation leader that paved the way for the return of the sith and the Clone Wars.

62) Tycho Celchu - Rebel hero and leader of Rogue Squadron for awhile.

63) Baron Soontir Fel - The top Imperial pilot that became a rogue for awhile before returning to the Chiss and the Empire under Thrawn

64) Gavin Darklighter - Member or Rogue Squadron that eventually became an Admiral

65) Wes Janson - Rebel hero and member of Rogue Squadron and Wraith Squadron

66) Aruk the Hutt - Aruk the Great. Leader of Besadii kajidic that amassed a great wealth through slave trade and spice smuggling.

67) Durga the Hutt - Ambitious Hutt that was the successor to Aruk. Also became a Black Sun Vigo.

68) Wullf Yularen - An Admiral in the Republic Navy during the Clone Wars, he went on to serve in the Imperial Security Bureau aboard the 1st Death Star.

69) Booster Terrik - Smuggler and helper of the Jedi. Used his captured Star Destroyer to transport, house, and back up the galactic republic

70) Winter Celchu - Friend and impersonator of Princess Leia. An spy and rebel agent also known as Targeter. Watched over Solo children when they were young.

71) Plo Koon - Influential Jedi Council member.

72) Ki Adi Mundi - Influential Jedi Council member.

73) Aayla Secura - For empowering female Twi'leks as more than dancing girls and for jumping from the pages of comics to the big screen, among other things.

74) Darth Plagueis - Master of Darth Sidious, master of midi-chlorian manipulation

75) Karness Muur - Creator of Muur Talisman which created army of mindless rakghouls and whose affects spanned the millenia.

76) General Grievous - Leader of the separatist droid army

77) K'Kruhk - Long lived jedi that shaped the paths of many through the period of Anakin, Luke, and his descendants Kol, and Cade.

78) Garm Bel Iblis - Corellian senator and military leader played a pivotal role in the defeat of Thrawn and the Vong, and the establishment of the New Republic

79) Thrackan Sal-Solo - Cousin of Han Solo that was responsible for the second Galactic Civil War. Obsessed with Centerpoint Station.

80) Lama Su - Prime Minister of Kamino and overseer of the creation of the clone army of the Republic

81) Sate Pestage - Long time advisor to Palpatine. Attempted to rule after his death.

82) Mandalore the Ultimate - Accepted multiple species into the Mandalorians, formed into the Neo-Crusaders, and began the Mandalorian Wars.

83) San Hill - Chairman of the InterGalactic Banking Clan that aligned with the Separatists

84) Wat Tambor - Leader of the Techno Union that helped fund and supply the Separatists.

85) Passel Argente - Magistrate of the Corporate Alliance that aligned with the Separatists

86) Poggle the Lesser - Archduke of Geonosis controlled droid factories that produced battle droids for the Separatists. Clone Wars began on Geonosis.

87) Shu Mai - President of the Commerce Guild that aligned with the Separatists.

88) Po Nudo - Aligned the Hyper-Communications Cartel with the Separatists.

89) Tikkes - Leader of the Quarren Isolation League that aligned with the Separatists during the Clone Wars

90) Raynar Thul - Jedi that became a Killik joiner and almost pulled several other Jedi to join him. Indirectly caused another war that nearly enveloped the galaxy.

91) Saba Sebatyne - Master Jedi that mentored several other Jedi inclucing Leia Organa Solo, and was an acting Grand Master of the order in Luke's absence.

92) T'ra Saa - Long lived Jedi Master that influenced Jedi matters from before the clone wars, into the era of Cade Skywalker.

93) Naga Sadow - Sith lord form the days of the first Sith Empire that had human and the Sith species blood. Led the Sith invasion into the Republic.

94) Freedon Nadd - Fallen Jedi that awakened Naga Sadow's spirit and became a Dark Lord of the Sith.

95) Tyber Zann - Crime lord the led his own faction known as the Zann Consortium. Expelled from the Imperial Academy and held a grudge.

96) Warlord Zsinj - Powerful post-Imperial Warlord that at the height of his power, controlled a third of the galaxy.

97) Sien Sovv - Sullustan Supreme Commander of the New Republic/Galactic Alliance Defense Force. Served on the first High Council organized by Cal Omas.

98) Darth Malgus - Sith Lord of the Old Republic that led an attack on Coruscant that destroyed to Jedi Temple and disgraced the Jedi.

99) Tor Vizsla - Founder of the Death Watch faction of the Mandalorians that started a Mandalorian civil war. His work continued by another of his clan, Pre Vizsla

100) Roan Fel - Head of the Moff Council after the 2nd Galactic Civil War. An Imperial Knight who attempted to ally the Empire with the Galactic Remnant and Jedi.

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